Avanti specialises in providing solutions to the pharmaceutical sector. Our fully licenced and secure facility can accommodate a wide range of product classifications and hazards. Avanti offer bespoke plans that cater to your secure disposal requirements.

We provide secure destruction of finished pharmaceuticals, product packaging and leaflets to a number of market leading pharmaceutical manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe. The destruction process includes full mass balance under 24-hour digital CCTV surveillance. This process is witnessed and detailed batch number destruction certificates are supplied.

Recyclable materials such as glass, aluminium, paper, cardboard, steel, plastic and liquids are recovered for reuse from the destruction process where possible. Any non-recyclable residuals are shredded and then compacted prior to being sent for recovery via a ‘refuse derived fuel’ route (R Code). Obviously, if any of the packaging is of a sensitive nature, then this can also be destroyed.

Materials include: